1. Ade Bakare (Nigeria)

Ade Bakare is a famous fashion designer of Nigerian origin whose impressive African designs are known around the world. With two decades of experience in the fashion industry, he earned fame as the professional artist who creates stylish designs that help to reveal femininity and add a sense of sophistication to traditional African attire designs.


  1. Zizi Cardow (Nigeria)

 Zizi Cardow is one more Nigerian fashion designer who has successfully showcased the Nigerian fabrics, prints, and culture on a global level. Cardow’s career started when she was 17 years old.


  1. Frank Oshodi (Nigeria)

 Frank Oshodi is a perfect example of how Nigerian cultural diversity can be combined with modern fashion trends. This designer has earned an extensive 25 years’ experience. He began his overwhelming career in the fashion industry as a model being employed such Nigerian fashion houses like Dakova and Nikki Africana. His career in fashion design started when he was hired as a makeup artist for Agbani Darego, the 2001 Miss World winner. His job was to design Nigerian beauty queen’s dress and do her makeup. Since Agbani Darego won the title Miss World, Oshodi’s career has been continuously growing thanks to the fashionable clothing lines and makeup products that gave him numerous clients across the world.


  1. Lola Faturoti (Nigeria)

 Lola Faturoti is a Nigerian fashion designer who has an extensive experience in the world of fashion. In the early 1990s, she moved to New York where she started her career in the fashion industry. Before moving to the USA, Lola studied in the United Kingdom. Her love for fashion derives from childhood, precisely, from her grandmother, who was also a fashion designer.


  1. Soares Anthony (Nigeria)

 Young and successful, Soares Anthony is one of the best African fashion designers whose name has earned a quick fame in the local and global fashion world. Soares Anthony’s attention is focused on the men’s clothing line. He is drawing an inspiration from Nigerian fabrics combined with Japanese tailoring designs. His designs feature masculinity but still are stylish and trendy. Owing to Japanese motives an ordinary look is transforming into a sophisticated or minimalistic design.


  1. Deola Sagoe (Nigeria)

 Similar to many top African fashion designers, Deola Sagoe comes from Nigeria. She is also an entrepreneur and founder of The House of Deola Sagoe. Deola Sagoe launched her career in 1989. Like it often happens in the world of fashion, she earned a diploma in another discipline. Sagoe earned a Master’s Degree in Finance and Management and studied at two universities, University of Lagos and University of Miami. Deola Sagoe has her own unique approach to design.


  1. Duro Olowu (Nigeria)

 Duro Olowu is a truly gifted designer who made his name himself. Born in Nigeria, he is currently living in London. Aside from being a Nigerian, Duro Olowu also has Jamaican roots. Duro Olowu was interested in fashion since childhood when he was only six years old. Despite studying law at the university, he decided to pursue a career in fashion.


  1. Lisa Folawiyo (Nigeria)

 Lisa Folawiyo’s stylish, traditional and colorful clothes gave her a place of prestige in the world of fashion. When talking about Lisa Folawiyo’s style, she is indeed a talented designer famous in Africa and abroad. The truth is she didn’t study design or fashion as she studied law at the university. Nevertheless, Lisa decided to pursue a career in fashion as she was interested in jewelry, purses, and clothing people like to wear and dreamed of creating clothing that would combine traditional African accents and modern fabrics.


  1. Taibo Bacar (Mozambique)

 Mozambique designer Taibo Bacar is known to be one of the most talented and desired designers that are famous in Africa and Europe. Taibo Bacar often attends numerous fashion events including Africa International Fashion Week and African Fashion Week Johannesburg to mention a few. He is the first African designer to show his designs in milan.


  1. Sindiso Khumalo (South Africa)

 If architecture and fashion meet, they create an incredible mixture. Sindiso Khumalo is one of South Africa’s prominent designers whose pieces feature bright colors, bold prints, and modern silhouettes. They are designed for the women who want to stand out. Khumalo’s architectural background helps her to create new trends in African and international fashion. Sindiso Khumalo is bringing her architectural knowledge and her sewing skills together to find new elegant and stylish solutions. Sindiso Khumalo is good at creating dynamic and classy pieces that are quite affordable being hand sewn the local South African women.











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